Netflix Just Added More Parental Controls, Including PIN Protection

By Tom Pritchard on at

Netflix has included parental controls for a while now, mainly in the form of designating specific profiles as kids-only - preventing them from watching anything beyond a specific age-range. Now the company has added some more, including the ability to lock specific TV programmes behind a PIN.

Being able to set an age-range of what is and isn't suitable was obviously a good start, but not everyone has the same idea of what is and isn't suitable for their kids. It also doesn't discount the possibility of wanting to prevent your child from watching a specific programme for whatever reason, whether it's unsuitable or you just can't stand the damn thing.

I suppose you could also use it to stop your partner or friends from binge-watching the latest series of Jessica Jones when they're supposed to be watching it with you.

Netflix has also promised to display the maturity level of content more prominently, as soon as someone hits play to be exact. It notes that while that maturity had always been available, Netflix has decided it wants to ensure everyone has that information immediately to hand. Not only will that let parents see a rough gauge of suitability before their kids start watching, it also means they can double check if they find their kids watching a programme they're not familiar with.

It's a small change for sure, but Netflix maintains that it's an important factor in letting subscribers take full control over the content they see and watch. Considering the recent controversy around dodgy videos aimed at kids on YouTube, that small change is actually an important tool for parents to make sure their kids are actually watching programmes for kids - not some dodgy fake version featuring Peppa Pig's school trip to the abattoir. [Netflix via Slashgear]

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