Newspaper Switches to Emoji-Based Weather Forecasts

By Gary Cutlack on at

A redesign of London's Evening Standard that launches today is shocking the establishment to its very core with one of its changes; it's now using emojis to explain to the kids that rain is bad and sun is nice.

So if you can't identify the sun, perhaps a yellow smiley face might be of use in telling you not to bother with a coat, no matter how expensive it was, as it'll only become a burden later in the day. The paper's oddly using the poo emoji to describe what it deems to be poor weather, with Thursday and Friday of this week both being illustrated by the brown icon seeing as it's probably going to rain.

Expressionless face is clouds. We'll have to wait to see what other faces they're planning on using for the days when it's too polluted to breathe outside. [Twitter]