Non-Stop, 17-Hour Flights to Australia Start Tomorrow

By Gary Cutlack on at

Australian airline Qantas is about to make its staff suffer even more than usual, thanks to the launch of a non-stop service that links London to Australia and gets there in 17 long, unbroken, god-forsaken hours.

To make it a slightly shorter haul, it's linking London with the west coast Aussie hub of Perth, with the idea being to sell expensive seats to businesspeople, as Australia's west coast serves as the base for many international mining and resource companies. Although god knows how they'll get creases out of suit trousers after sitting in them for 17 hours in a row, and keeping shirts clean while eating four meals with sporks will be equally tough.

This mammoth route has been made possible thanks to the vast tanks of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that'll carry the passengers, and to celebrate this direct linking of Perth and London they've even upgraded the Perth terminal. You can do yoga there now if you're worried about getting a thrombosis over the Indian Ocean. [Bloomberg]

Image credit: Qantas