One of iOS 11's Many Glitches Actually Made it Into an Official iPhone Advert

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that iOS 11 is a glitchy mess, to the point where Apple has reportedly had delay some of iOS 12's features so engineers can fix the problems. Now one of those glitches has appeared in one of Apple's own adverts. It's a minor glitch, but that's not a particularly good sign for a company that prides itself on keeping up appearances.

Here's the advert on question, and if you keep a close eye on things you should be able to see the glitch around the 50 second mark.

Did you see it? Well 9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo did, and that's how we know where to look. Go back and watch it again, and watch the screen as iMessages show up. Look carefully and you'll be able to see the message text appear outside of the notification bubble for a brief second. Like this:

And here's a picture for those of you who can't stare at a GIF all day hoping to see the smaller details:

It's far from the worst bug iOS 11 has to offer, but it's a shock that it managed to get into an Apple advert. It could be that nobody noticed, which means Apple's attention to detail in its once iconic advertising has diminished. It could also be that someone did notice and figured it wasn't worth fixing, or that people wouldn't notice. If it's the latter, they should have known better, but regardless of the reason it doesn't paint Apple in a very good light.

The continuing fiasco surrounding iOS 11 and its bugs was bad enough, but you'd think it would pay very close attention to its marketing. You can't rely on brand loyalty forever, after all. [Twitter via ZDNet]

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