Outraged People are Outraged That German Bricks are Being Used for a War Memorial

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pallets of bricks arriving in the country from international building supplies merchant Wienerberger are triggering outrage in people who already have a lot of outrage on their plates, with these bricks destined for RAF Biggin Hill -- where they are to be used to construct additional works at St George’s Chapel, a memorial to the Biggin Hill pilots and staff who died in WWII.

This is outrageous, they say, as we can't really have a war memorial built in part with bricks from a company with such a textbook German name as Weinerberger, even if Weinerberger sources bricks from cheaper parts of the world and the bricks, perhaps, aren't actually made in Germany at all.

The Biggin Hill community web site is the clashing point for local fury over the brick imports, which has photos of the German-sourced brick pallets and analysis of planning documentation to support its annoyance, telling readers that: "This thoughtless choice of bricks is seen particularly by the generation who experienced the war as disrespectful. It is further evidence, as if it were needed, of Bromley Council, its BHMM Trust and their Architect’s total lack of empathy with the St George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance and its heritage."

And they didn't even want the works done anyway, with a petition against the "concentration camp" styling of the additional wing failing to stop the development going ahead. [The Times]