People in Suffolk Aren't Taking Badger Damage Seriously Enough

By Gary Cutlack on at

Badgers are the latest thing causing chaos and destruction out there on the roads, with one stretch of tarmac in the Suffolk village of Somersham so undermined by their tunneling activities that stretches of the road have been closed.

Some weird psychology is at play here, though, as drivers are moving cordons and barriers out of the way and driving through anyway, as if "badger damage" is a silly little joke problem that can be avoided through expert driving. Can you imagine a local delivery driver going the long way round because a badger's done something? Not likely.

Local people say the badgers have eroded the sand beneath several roads with their sett constructions, and there's a story going around -- that seems to be true -- that the roads can't be fixed until special permission to disturb the protected animals and their homes during this critical mating period is obtained from Natural England, with the badgers probably safe from disturbance until July. Which must mean they're going to spend the next three months having non-stop badger sex and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Hence drivers getting angry at shagging badgers in Suffolk is today's news. [BBC]