PETA Worries a Dog With Crufts Arena Invasion

By Gary Cutlack on at

Activists allied with animal rights/feelings group PETA created quite the scene at Crufts over the weekend, when a couple of its people armed with A4 pieces of paper stormed the dog show event right at the big prize-giving moment.

The invaders were wrestled to the floor in seconds, though, so it wasn't really possible to read the messages they had to wave at the audience. And that audience, who had come to see the lovely shampooed dogs parade, weren't particularly interested in the message anyway, as you can tell from the masses of booing when the activists get in the ring — and the cheers as they're hauled away, perhaps to be castrated backstage by angry vets. Here it is:

Yeah, but what about human rights to hold up bits of A4 paper, eh? Bloody animal lovers. [YouTube]