Place, Ikea's AR Furniture App is Now Available on Android

By Tom Pritchard on at

Augmented Reality can be used for all sorts of things, but retailers have started using it to show you what certain objects might look like inside your home - like a digital try-before-you-buy. Ikea is one of those retailers, releasing an AR app for iOS last September. Now that app is available on Android.

The Place app lets you produce digital versions of Ikea's products and uses the power of augmented reality to sort of bring them to life. Each product available in the app is 3D and true to scale, making it all quite handy for a company that's know for forcing people to put their furniture together at home. That means there's far less chance of crushing disappointment when you realise that bookcase is taller than the entire room, or that new sofa looks wonky in your itty-bitty rented living space.

The downside to Place is that it's powered by Google's ARCore, which means you need a compatible phone if you want to take advantage of what it has to offer. Only a handful of those are available, but the good news is you're not restricted to the latest phones - seeing as how the two-year old Samsung Galaxy S7 works just fine.

The Android version also has a bunch of brand new features that have only just arrived on iOS, including visual search (which lets them snap photos of furniture and see similar items Ikea has for sale), and a favourites section so you can keep tabs on all the stuff that takes your fancy.

You can download Ikea Place and ARCore from Google Play right now.

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