Poundland's Twitter Account is at it Again

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back before Christmas Poundland got into a bit of trouble over some risqué tweets involving a toy elf, which ended up with complaints being filed with the Advertising Standards Authority and a retroactive ban. Clearly Poundland didn't get the message that some people don't like naughty things, because it's back with some Easter-theme tweets along the same lines.

The tweets in question feature two cuddly mascots, a pink rabbit and a chick. It also started off so innocent, with the account revealing them to the world in an appropriate family-friendly manner:

The following day the two were seen again, with Bunny off doing some bird-watching:

Then yesterday's tweet went a bit further:

No doubt the ASA is knee-deep in complaints right now, and by knee-deep I mean about five complaints from three people who don't like the wholesome Christian festival of Eater being associated with cuddly toy S&M.

The last three tweets have been released each day at lunch time, so we've only got a couple of hours to go until we see what Bunny and Chick will be up to today. Feel free to speculate. [via Digital Spy]

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