Proper Degree Yours Online for Just £16k

By Gary Cutlack on at

What appears to be the first full-strength university undergraduate degree taught entirely online is about to be made available by the University of London's Goldsmiths college, which will let anyone study for a three-year BSc in computer science from home. It had to be computer science.

The cost is quite high considering it's all virtual, with the university charging £5,650 per year for the course. The advantage being that you can still live at home and not pay a rogue landlord £1k a month to live in a damp bedsit for three years, so it should work out cheaper than studying on-site.

Oh and of course it can be done in your own time, or while also working, with the hope being this might open up full degree study options to people with awkward things like jobs and pre-existing families. As many as 3,000 places are to be offered, and there will at least be a small amount of travel involved as traditional invigilated exams at key points in the course will need to be completed in your usual halls. [BBC]

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