PS VR Getting a Price Cut Tomorrow, Still Too Expensive

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've just dropped some money on a PS VR headset, you might want to get a return request in. Sony's just announced that as of tomorrow the PS4's virtual reality system will be getting a price cut. Buy one today and you'll pay £350, but from tomorrow it'll be £260.

A £90 price cut is good, but it's still quite expensive. Especially when you consider the fact that price does not include the cost of the two Move controllers. They're not essential, but they are quite difficult to go without. Still, at least it's nowhere near as bad as the HTC Vive Pro and its £799+ price tag.

While the PS VR isn't as advanced as the competition, it's still a great option for VR enthusiasts - mostly because of the lower cost of entry. With the new price point the minimum cost of entry will be well under £500 if you shop around, which is a lot more appealing than spending almost as much on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive that needs a high-end gaming PC to go along with it.

Why the price cut is happening now isn't clear, and Sony hasn't mentioned any reasons why. Maybe sales are dipping and it still has headsets to shift, or maybe there will be an updated version announced in the coming months. I don't know, and either scenario is plausible (one more than the other). Unfortunately there's no way of knowing for sure. Certainly not yet.

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