RAF Air Drops Radiators on Snowbound Cumbrian Villages

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bloody hell, there's like a proper crisis going on in Cumbria, and for once it's more serious than parking issues and tourists not knowing how to reverse -- it's a life or death snow apocalypse.

It's so bad up there in some villages in the higher parts that they've been snowed in and cut-off for five days now, and the RAF is coming to the rescue with a chinook full of essentials. The plan is to air drop in logs and coal for fires, electric heaters for people without open fires or stoves, and food for those running low on store cupboard items and currently battling the mice for the last few lentils and bits of spaghetti that went off in 2012.

The villages of Fellside, South Stainmore and Alston are the hardest hit, with forecasters saying it could be another 48 hours before things thaw out enough for life to return to normal. Normal for Cumbria.

Local council leader Stewart Young got to put on camo and boots and address a crisis meeting like he's in Deep Impact or something, saying: "The depth of snow and the challenging nature of the terrain is making progress on clearing roads exceptionally slow. As a result it is estimated that it will be at least 48 hours before we reach many more of these communities hence the need to bring in military assistance and we are very grateful for their help." [Sky News]

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