Raspberry Pi Unveils an Upgraded Pi 3 Board for Pi Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the 14th March, which translates into 3/14 if you're one of the minority of people that write down dates in the least sensible manner possible. That makes it Pi Day, and because it's Pi Day the Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced an upgraded version of the Model 3 board. Even if they're based in the UK, and should really be writing the date as 14/3.

The Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ isn't a huge overhaul of the ever-popular mini computer, but it does offer a significant boost in speed. More speed means more possibilities, and anyone who's payed attention to Raspberry Pi will know that there are a countless number of those already. The B+ offers dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, support for Bluetooth 4.2 and Low Energy, gigabit ethernet over USB 2.0 - with speeds three times faster than the original Model 3 board. It also comes packing a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, a hefty boost from the 1.2GHz model we had before.

The final addition, as you'll have seen in the video, is that the 3B+ also offers power over ethernet, provided you have the right PoE hat to go with your board. There have been workarounds in the past, but now the Foundation is supporting that feature with its own first-party gear. The Pi Foundation are also promising improvements to thermal management, as well as improved PXE network and USB mass-storage booting.

Pretty much everything else is the same, though, including the price. Pi Foundation uses dollars for some reason, but a quick search already shows the Model 3 B+ available for as little as £30 on its own. And yes it's available now, for anyone desperate to upgrade, available from all the usual resellers.  You can also read more in depth nitty-gritty performance specs over on the Pi Foundation's announcement page. [Raspberry Pi via Engadget]

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