Ryanair Boss Threatens Brexiters With Holidays to Scotland

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ryanair's outspoken boss Michael O’Leary has had a cracking idea about how to get Brexit voters to change their minds and petition the government to call the whole thing off -- ground his planes and make everyone go to Scotland for their holidays instead.

Yes, he said that, also managing to subtly disrespect the classic family holiday of driving around Ireland for a fortnight too. O'Leary was speaking at an air industry event in Brussels, where he said: "When you begin to realise that you’re no longer going to have cheap holidays in Portugal or Spain or Italy, you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options, maybe we’ll begin to rethink the whole Brexit debate."

His point is that airlines may well face mass flight disruptions once the mountains of Brexit paperwork has been pushed though, with the UK public having been "misled" during a Brexit referendum campaign in which the Leave supporters ignored or simply weren't aware of the difficulties changing border controls and passporting procedures might introduce.

Presumably joking more than a little, O'Leary suggested grounding his fleet to bring the message home, adding: "I think it’s in our interests -- not for a long period of time -- that the aircraft are grounded. It’s only when you get to that stage where you’re going to persuade the average British voter that you were lied to in the entire Brexit debate." [Metro]

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