Ryanair Says it Probably Won't Detonate its Business to Make a Point About Brexit

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'll never guess what. Ryanair has backtracked ever-so-slightly over its boss's pronouncement that he'd like to ground his fleet to teach Brexit voters a lesson, with the flier saying it'll try not to deliberately make anyone's life harder or stop them going to nice places.

Marketing boss Kenny Roberts is the one trying to calm everyone down and stop the masses booking their 2019 hols with Easyjet instead, explaining: "Michael's comments were misreported; we’re not planning any stunts. We want both sides to do a deal and we support the British Government in doing a deal quickly so we know what's happening. Then we can get on with making our contribution to what we think should be the replacement of open skies."

That said, Roberts still warns that there's a risk flights could be grounded come Brexit-happening day, should "negotiations fall apart" and the UK be left without a replacement for the Open Skies agreement that standardises air service rules and lets the important air things happen free from noticeable friction. [City AM]