Serious Progression Changes Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Better late than never! On Wednesday March 21st, EA is going to start rolling out something called 'The Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Update', a long-awaited bunch of changes to the game's economy - which was the focus of intense controversy late last year. Many of these changes seem to be in direct response to the problems many had with the game's loot boxes, though they're probably arriving rather too late to change perceptions.

Here's some of what the new update includes:

  • With this update, progression is now linear. Star Cards, or any other item impacting gameplay, will only be earned through gameplay and will not be available for purchase. Instead, you’ll earn experience points for the classes, hero characters, and ships that you choose to play in multiplayer. If you earn enough experience points to gain a level for that unit, you'll receive one Skill Point that can be used to unlock or upgrade the eligible Star Card you'd like to equip.
  • You'll keep everything you’ve already earned and unlocked. You will keep all of the Star Cards, heroes, weapons, or anything else you have already earned. What you have earned will still be available to use with this update regardless of how much or little progress you have already made.
  • Crates no longer include Star Cards and cannot be purchased. Crates are earned by logging in daily, completing Milestones, and through timed challenges. Inside of these crates, you'll find Credits or cosmetic items, such as emotes or victory poses, but nothing that impacts gameplay.
  • Starting in April, you’ll be able to get appearances directly through in-game Credits or Crystals. The first new appearances are coming soon, meaning you'll be able to grab new looks for your heroes and troopers directly by using either Credits (earned in-game) or Crystals (available to purchase in-game and through first-party stores). If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of the Resistance as a Rodian, your chance is right around the corner.

This update seems pretty big, in that it shifts totally to a model where no major content is distributed through paid random chance. It'll be interesting to see if EA's future games follow a similar model, or attempt to return to the paid loot box model Battlefront II featured at launch.

There will apparently also be further updates to the game over the weeks following this update landing. It's hard to know what to think of Battlefront - some found that, under the controversy, there's a pretty good Star Wars game. Others just think the farce is strong with this one. Either way, we'll see if one plucky patch is enough to bring an audience back to this particular galaxy far, far away.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.