Snowbound Greggs Delivery Driver Hands Out Food to Trapped Motorists

By Gary Cutlack on at

A particularly British type of super hero was spotted at work on the sides of the snow-hit A1 just outside Berwick-upon-Tweed this week, where a Greggs delivery driver made the days of stranded motorists by opening up the back of his lorry and handing out the contents. It's like Christmas all over again.

The driver didn't go entirely rogue, as he sought approval from head office before unloading his delights. After all, it would set a terrible precedent if it was suddenly declared OK for all Greggs drivers to pull over and start eating out of the back of their lorries.

Once given the go-ahead, driver Jon walked down the line of stuck vehicles and handed out the emergency foodstuffs, telling Heart radio that: "I've been giving out whatever I’ve got in the back — the doughnuts, biscuits and all of that stuff. I walked up and down the A1 just handing stuff out. Whatever they wanted that was on the stack, it was all free."

Which goes some way to making cosmic amends for the whole sausage roll Jesus thing. [Metro]