Solo: A Star Wars Story's UK Release Date is Now 24th May

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the past the UK and Europe tended to get some of Disney's biggest films a week early, especially if they were made by Marvel. That's changed a bit recently, seeing as how Disney's flagship franchises are so highly anticipated, but we still tend to get them a smidge earlier. A smidge meaning a day.

Solo: A Star Wars Story was a bit different, with Disney touting 25th May as the day it'd hit UK cinemas. Now, though, it's been confirmed that the film will actually be coming out early after all. Like Avengers: Infinity War and The Last Jedi, the difference is sadly only a single day.

The weird thing is I already though the film was supposed to come out on 24th May, at least until the trailer came out and Disney decided it was 25th. Unfortunately I can't find any evidence to support that thought, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. The film's coming out a day earlier, and I don't need to rearrange the day I booked off work in anticipation.

It's a Thursday, for anyone that's curious.

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