Sony Will Give a Free PS4 or PSVR to Anyone Pre-Ordering an Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you needed a reason to buy yourself Sony's latest mobile offering, whether it's the XZ2 or its Compact sibling, Sony's just offered something that might make the decision quite a bit easier. It's offering a free PS4 or PSVR Headset to anyone who pre-orders either phone.

To be eligible for the free hardware, you need to pre-order from either Three or Carphone Warehouse before they run out of stock. Those pre-orders are supposed to be opening up today, though Carphone Warehouse seems to have missed that memo in the excitement over today's Samsung Galaxy S9 launch. Three has listings for the regular XZ2 (with gifts), but at the time of writing the Compact is nowhere to be seen. So keep your eyes open, because those listings should be going up soon.

In addition to the free gaming hardware worth £250-£350, Sony is also giving XZ2 owners 12 months of PSPlus absolutely free. That offers subscribers a number of perks,, including free games, exclusive discounts on the PlayStation digital store, and the ability to play multiplayer games online. That offer will be redeemable through the Xperia app, which Sony forces on all of its phones.

I wasn't a fan of the XZ2 when I tried it at MWC, and the revelation that the full-size handset costs £700 didn't do much to help matters. But if you don't have a PS4 or PSVR, and you need a new phone, Sony is making it a more worthwhile purchase. Especially since you can use the phone to remotely connect to your PS4 and play games.

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