Stonehenge, Fish & Chips and James Bond Immortalised on New "British" 10p coins

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mint wants us to be as excited about weird 10p coins as we are about weird 50p coins, as it's launched a massive new range of 26 alphabetised 10p pieces that — uh-oh! — celebrate the weird world that is "Britishness."

Which, of course, means there's now a 10p with fish & chips on it. There's a 10p with the Angel of the North on it. There's one with a teapot and one with Stonehenge. E is for English Breakfast and has a clearly identifiable sausage on it. We have a sausage on a coin now. N is for NHS. That's it. That's us all right, although there isn't one of Ed Sheeran or a really terrible pine wardrobe.

The Royal Mint is selling these new 10p coins in one massive bulk pack of 26 if you want them all in one go and don't want to be forever rummaging through your change in hope of getting a good one, although this complete collection of uncirculated 10ps costs £52. That's quite a mark up from the £2.60 actual face value, but you can buy individual ones for just £2 if a particular letter really appeals.

And there is, seeing as this is 2018, a Great British Coin Hunt 10p section within the Royal Mint's app now too, to help numismatists keep track of their findings. [Royal Mint]