Tesco Removes Jolly Fox Hunting Fancy Dress Costume

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco has removed a fox hunting costume from sale on its online shopping portal, after anti-hunting campaigners discovered the thing and caused quite the furore about the unfortunate item.

It was particularly unfortunate that the red jacket was being marketed as ideal for dress-up fun for children aged between seven and nine years old, as if that's when the youthful bloodlust is at its highest and they're best indoctrinated into the activity. The description -- now gone but still cached -- says the item is: "Fantastic for World Book Day, school shows or just dressing up fun," although we can't remember too many books for seven-year-olds based around fox hunting.

Tesco is obviously sad it happened and has removed it from sale, so you'll have to go to eBay if you suddenly want one now the existence of such items has been brought to your attention. [Independent]