The 26-30 Railcard Website is Kind of Dead Right Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday it was announced that the 26-30 'millennial' railcard was going on sale today, but in limited quantities on a first come first served basis. So naturally 20-somethings across the UK are scrambling to try and get one for themselves, because it's not clear when they'll be available again.

But with so many people trying to access a single website at any given time, problems inevitably occur. Pretty big problems, actually, because the purchasing website for the 26-30 railcard is down. No doubt due to those entitled millennial constantly pressing F5 to get their money off discounts. I've checked the Railcard app too, but that doesn't have an option for the new card only the standard railcards that have been available for ages.

Millennials being millennials have obviously taken to the internet to complain about the situation, because they're totally ungrateful about being given the slightest chance to save some money. Money that they'll no doubt spend on avocados and organic gluten free vegan brownies. That's assuming they can drag their eyes away from their gosh darn phones for half a second to look at the world around them.

Apparently the limit has been put in place during the railcard's trial scheme, and is designed to see how it will affect rail company revenue and passenger numbers. Since around five million people are supposedly eligible for the railcard, many of whom will have to use the trains to get too and from work (unlike those pesky 16-25 year olds who get to lounge around all day unemployed), I would imagine there will be a noticeable impact on revenue.

That's something the rail companies won't be too happy about, since they're in the business of squeezing every last penny out of travellers in exchange for a crappy service and old trains with toilets that flush right onto the tracks.

A spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group, said:

“This morning, when the 26-30 railcard trial began, the National Railcard website was receiving 12 times the normal number of visitors. We were prepared for demand to be similar to that of previous trial launches. Due to the unprecedented demand we have been working with our suppliers throughout the morning to further increase the capacity on the website to create a better experience for our customers. We recommend that customers continue trying the National Railcard website, and keep an eye on @_Railcards Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.”

You can access the 26-30 Railcard website here, but don't expect to see anything other than an error page when you click the Buy button.

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