The Classic Mini Has Had an All-Electric Overhaul

By Tom Pritchard on at

While it's hardly uncommon for car-makers to re-release classic cars with powered by combustion engines, the electric car business hasn't really capitalised on nostalgia. There are many reasons for that, but that didn't mean it was never going to happen. Case in point: BMW has developed an all-electric version of the classic Mini.

Not the new Mini Cooper, or that giant 4x4 monstrosity, the classic design that Michael Caine drove around Italy.

The interesting thing here is that it's not a new car per-se. BMW has taken the classic Mini shell and shoved all the necessary EV components inside, rather than designing the whole car from scratch. That means it's not just a remake, this is a classic Mini. On the outside, at least.

The downside is that this model is a concept that was initially announced at lat year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, though, it's been properly unveiled ready for the New York International Auto Show, which begins on Friday. BMW also announced that this model paves the way for the first fully-electric Mini which is set to be revealed in full next year in time for Mini's 60th anniversary.

That production model is already in development, will be based on the Mini 3 Door, and will be built at the Mini factory in Oxford. The design base is that of the classic Mini Cooper, complete with the red roof, white roof, and bonnet stripes. Other than that, BMW hasn't revealed any information. No specs for power, range, or anything like that, just the news that it's full-electric and looks like the classic car people love. [Mini via Slashgear]

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