The Kids are Getting Brown on Raspberry Flavour Suntan Sweets

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a bonkers new kind of expensive thing in a bottle on sale in Superdrug, if you can find it, going by the name of UTan Tan Gummies. They're like jelly babies that are supposed to give you a suntan, and they're so popular they're already sold out. The kids are out there right now, necking them and browning their tits off.

Tanning pills aren't exactly a new innovation in herbal pretend science land, with these new ones containing the same mix of carotenoids and vitamins that may or may not do something as other supposed skin-darkening tablets -- only with the addition of raspberry flavouring and formed in the shape of teddy bears so they're a bit like sweets. And with artificial colouring so vegans can eat them and stare at themselves in mirrors to see if anything's happening too.

The maker came out with some science, or something approximating science, to explain how they work, saying: "They contain a mixed blend of carotenoids (organic pigments that protect plants from sun damage and give them colour). When taken in a high enough doses (purely vegetable based) this can result in storing in the skin, for a healthy looking golden hue to pale skins all year round." [Superdrug]