There's a Pink Beer for Girls Now, But it's Ironic so Everything's Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Big-booted craft beer brewer Brewdog has had an idea: a special type of beer in a pink bottle that's for women. But it's OK, one of Elon Musk's experiments hasn't caused a rip in time and dumped us all back to 1995 -- it's being done ironically to highlight gender pay gaps. Ah, you see now. It's not an ill-advised marketing stunt, or something that might've been given away free with the July 1997 issue of FHM.

Although it is sort of a promotional stunt underneath it all, as Brewdog's launching this Pink IPA version of its familiar Punk IPA product to make us think about women in a nice way, particularly considering how gender imbalance is riven though society. Hence... a pink beer. Cheers, bitches.

20 per cent of the proceeds from both Punk and Pink beers sold over the next four weeks are going off to a variety of inequality-righting charities as a result, plus, if you "identify" as a female when buying the Pink version from a Brewdog bar there's a 20 per cent discount to be had. Get the tights on, lads! We're off out!

There's something serious to paste in at the bottom, with Brewdog attacking the sort of sexist marketing it's (trying to) lampoon here, saying: "Lazily targeting the female market with sub-par products designed by expensive research are inherently patronising. Depicting women in wholly unacceptable ways on labels is something we do not condone, and creating concepts that undermine women’s ability to enjoy beer (ANY beer) is both short sighted and restricts progression." [Brewdog]

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