Theresa May Finally Reaches 2010s, Swaps Blackberry for an iPhone

By Tom Pritchard on at

Our government isn't exactly know for its technological understanding, you just need to listen to Amber Rudd for five minutes to notice she has no idea what she's talking about. You could say the politicians are behind with the times, and living in the past, but in Theresa May's case that was all too literal.

Until recently the Prime Minister was still using a Blackberry handset as her phone phone, reportedly "the last member of the No 10 team" to do so. Now, though, she's swapped it for an iPhone, meaning she's finally joined the rest of the world in realising that Blackberrys are seriously uncool.

Blackberrys were pretty popular amongst politicisation for their inherent security features, making them ideal for people in sensitive positions. Back when he was doing his own take on cocking up the country, David Cameron insisted that he could use his Blackberry to run the entire country while he was on holiday. Similarly Barrack Obama was famous for using a Blackberry during his 2008 campaign, and revealed in 2013 that he couldn't swap it for an iPhone due to security reasons.

Things have changed since then, seeing as how the iPhone is now generally seen as the go-to device for politics and other sensitive career paths - though obviously the closed ecosystem has to be closed even further to ensure everything is as secure as it can possibly be.

The only major exception is Donald Trump, who infamously announced an Apple boycott until the company unlocked the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone for the FBI. Trump resorted to using an older far-less secure Samsung handset for his early morning Twitter rants, and even though it was supposed to be confiscated once he was sworn in as President reports claimed that he still continued to use his favourite unsecure device.

But now Theresa May is one step closer to the future, with a nice and secure iPhone that's loaded with encryption. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it. [BBC News]

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