These Ridiculous Trainers Can Pause Your TV and Order Pizza Hut

By Tom Pritchard on at

Here's some news you might have missed last year. Pizza Hut launched its own range of trainers, called Pie Tops, capable of ordering pizza at the push of a button. They were only available in limited quantities (64 pairs were made), but clearly there was enough demand to warrant a second generation. Pie Tops II can not only order pizza, they also have a second button that can pause your TV.

You know, because when your pizza arrives you can reach down and hit pause and answer the door without having to miss a second of your favourite film/TV programme. That pauses live TV too, so provided the owner has a compatible TV or set-top box they don't need to go hunting for remote down the back of the sofa. This is, of course, assuming you're wearing the shoes inside the house like some sort of savage, or that you're tainting one of the 50 pairs that will be made with your smelly feet.

Not that you'd want to put them on, because they're pretty hideous. Even more so when you look at the 'wheat' coloured alternatives.


As for the pizza delivery, the button in the Pie Tops II links up to your phone via Bluetooth and uses the Pizza Hut app to summon your favourite circular junk food. It's not clear how well that would work in the UK, but seeing as how all 50 of these are bound to sell out within half a second there's no way of finding out for sure. It'll be like buying tickets to Glastonbury, but worse because you get sent an ugly pair of trainers instead of the privilege of camping in a pile of mud for three days while consuming more booze and drugs than you'd normally be able handle.

If you want to try regardless, they go on sale on 19th March via HBX. 50 more pairs will be given away on social media and the Final Four Fan Fest in San Antonio. No word on pricing yet. [CNET]

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