Video Adverts Are Coming to Google Play

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nobody likes adverts, but most of us have to accept that they're a part of life on the internet. People like video adverts even less, and yet companies keep pushing them as if they're good for anything other than pissing everybody off. Well Google's decided they're a wonderful idea, which is why it's rolling out video ads to the Google Play store.

The move is set to take place "over the next few months", so it might be a while before you actually see any of them appear, but Google has confirmed that it's definitely happening. Video adverts are infecting Google Play. The only consolation here is that the adverts don't autoplay, with Google referring to them as "click-to-play".

Because if the only thing worse than a video advert is a video advert that starts playing by itself and refuses to relinquish control to you. Also takeover ads, but they're basically autoplay videos that fuck up your entire screen.

Google also promises that the video ads will use machine learning to ensure their relevance, so you should only get videos for stuff that's similar to the apps you already use. That the theory, at least. It's not clear how it'll serve up ads if you haven't downloaded anything even remotely relevant to the ads Google has on hand. Maybe they'll just show off random things. [Google via Android and Me]

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