Virgin Atlantic Offers Travellers a Bit of "Economy Delight"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Atlantic has tweaked its budget seat options, with the travellers of the near-future invited to order something described as "economy delight" for their next trip. Sadly this does not involve being touched by Richard Branson or a neatly bearded pilot. It's a way of giving people the illusion of more choice in the cheap seats.

What Virgin has done is to unbundle its cheaper tickets, meaning there will soon be three choices when booking -- Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight. Seeing as these arbitrary names don't really tell us anything by themselves, it's not a massively helpful new system. The idea is that Economy Light is the cheapest of the cheap choices, for people who want a hand-luggage-only trip with no cancellation option or eye contact from the sky servant people, with Economy Classic being about the equivalent of what's on offer now.

Economy Delight, the one that sounds like something offered on the menu of a bleak seaside town massage parlour, is apparently a little better still, offering priority check-in and boarding, along with seat selections and extra leg room. The existing Premium Economy option remains, but will be called just Premium. It'll be less complicated to charter your own Airbus fleet and fly yourself over. [Virgin Atlantic]