Virgin Trains' Spring Sale Begins This Thursday

By Tom Pritchard on at

The cost of train travel is obscene, and for all the pounds you spend you end up with a poorly-cleaned train that smells like there hasn't been any fresh air inside for at least five years. So any excuse to save a bit of money is more than welcome, and Virgin Trains' spring sale is one of them. Provided of course that you're travelling between some pre-set dates.

As ever this only applies to the West Coast line, not the East Coast which is officially a different company that runs much nicer trains. There are also only 200,000 discounted tickets available, sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Oh and you can only get those discounts if you buy and travel during set time periods. So a lot of catches, but if you are planning to get a Virgin train then you might want to check out the deals.

The sale will offer up to 52 per cent off all first and standard class tickets, all of which will be available between 15th and 19th March. That's from this Thursday to next Monday for those of you who can't remember what a calendar looks like. You'll also have to be travelling between Tuesday 3rd April and Friday 3rd June, otherwise you'll have to pay full price. Tickets will be available to purchase directly from the Virgin Trains website and app, or via The Trainline.

Available discounts include £11 from London to Manchester, £18 from London to Glasgow, £5 from London to Birmingham, and more.

Image: Matt Buck/Flickr

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