Virgin Trains Will Accept an Avocado in Place of a Millennial Railcard

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Trains has launched a thing it's calling the Avocard. It's a joke, but one that comes with real benefits. The same benefits, in fact, as the recently launched 26-30 "millennial" railcard.

The problem with the new railcard being that it's launched in limited numbers, leaving some of the still-quite-young unable to claim their card and enjoy its one-third off non-peak travel discounts. But that's OK for young-ish travellers planning on using the Virgin Trains West Coast routes, as, for a laugh, the train company will accept an avocado in return for giving the sub-30s a 1/3 discount on travel.

Yes, that's really a thing, with Virgin explaining: "With the #avocard, you’ll get all the perks of the 26-30 railcard. Simply present an avocado in place of the railcard at any Virgin Trains West Coast station to get a 1/3 off our fares," although there will also be a bit of necessary faffing with a photo ID to prove your vaguely-young age.

Like the fruit itself this offer will soon expire and need binning, as Virgin's avocado promotion runs until March 20. [Virgin Trains]