Vulcan B2 Stamp May Well be the Most Exciting Stamp in the History of Stamps

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're going out on a limb here, but we think there's a pretty huge mid-section overlap on the Venn diagram that compares stamp enthusiasts and retro aeroplane enthusiasts, with this latest set from the Royal Mail stunning both groups by immortalising the favourite aeroplane of a generation -- the Vulcan B2.

The massive old flying wedge that was our main bomber for decades was an airshow favourite for years too, until the last of these absolute units to be certified for flight was taken out of service a few years back. And now a little paper effigy of it can deliver tiny paper payloads to your family and friends, as it's been entrusted with the important job of carrying cargo that costs up to and including £1.40 to post.

It's part of the beautiful RAF Centenary collection that goes on sale today, which also includes the Nimrod that patrolled the skies of our childhoods, the jet-powered Lightning, the old Sopwith and Hurricane, and a Typhoon for the kids. It would be nice to see a Tornado on there, but still. The Vulcan is probably enough excitement for one day. The stamps are issued next Tuesday. [Royal Mail]