We Might Be About To Get A Gaming TV Show That Is Actually Good

By James O Malley on at

For as long as video games have existed, there have been attempts to do it well on TV. Unfortunately, the track record is less than stellar - but all this could be about to change.

Today sees the launch of a new kickstarter for Digitiser: The Show, and I couldn't be more excited. Why? The brain behind it is legendary games journalist Paul Rose, who is perhaps better known as Mr Biffo. During the 90s and early 2000s, he was the pseudonymous creator behind what was the best games magazine ever: Digitiser, which was found on teletext and had an utterly unique and brilliant sense of humour.

Since Digi ended in 2003, Mr Biffo has forged a successful career as a screenwriter - and last year wrote and produced his first YouTube series, Mr Biffo's Found Footage, which culminated in this Doctor Who-esque 20 minute long spectacular, The Trojan Arse Protocol.

In keeping with Teletext's lo-fi aesthetics, Digitiser: The Show will be focused specifically on retro gaming, and joining Mr B will be Paul Gannon from the Barshens and Cheapshow podcast, and YouTuber Gameplay Jenny. Crucially, though the show will be distributed on YouTube, this won't be just be teenagers filming dead bodies and playing FIFA - it is going to be a fully professional affair:

"This won’t be the kind of cheap-and- cheerful fare you typically find on YouTube", the press release promises. "Digitiser The Show is a full-blooded gaming series, utilising professionals with decades of broadcasting experience to bring audiences something that will stand out as high quality – while being utterly unique, completely bonkers, and hugely ambitious."

The show will also reportedly feature appearances by other YouTubers, like Octavius Kitten, Ashens and Kim Justice. And for those of us who are too old to understand, worry not as both writer Danny Wallace and former Digitiser columnist Violet Berlin will be appearing too.

If you want to help make the new show happen you can find more about it here.