Yorkshire Tea's Latest Blend is Designed to Taste Like Tea and Biscuits

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the time-honoured traditions for anyone drinking a mug of tea is to open up a packet of biscuits and do some dunking. Yorkshire Tea clearly wants those days to be over, because it's gone and developed a blend of tea that's supposed to taste like a tea-and-biscuits combo.

It's not clear which biscuits the tea is supposed to taste like, with different news sites comparing it to different things. I've seen Rich tea and digestives mentioned, but all we know about the tea bags themselves are that the tea comes with a malty taste designed to mimic the biscuits people love dipping into their drinks. The idea behind the new bags were to make life easier for tea drinkers, since they don't have to open up a pack of biscuits and do all the physical activity associated with dunking. Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager at Yorkshire Tea said:

"Biscuits are so often linked to tea we thought why not just make life easier and put the flavours together in one delicious brew? We’re offering all the happiness of tea and biscuits – just without the biscuit and any of the potential pitfalls that come with it.

Gone are the dunking-fail days of biscuits too big for your mug, soggy crumbs at the bottom of your brew or the mid dunk breakage -we’re embarking on a new era of biscuit flavoured joy."

So you won't end up with the issue of biscuits disintegrating due to a mistimed tea-bath, but then again you don't get to enjoy the actual biscuit. Do people just dunk biscuits in their tea for flavour? I have my doubts, and after all the tea bags don't have chocolate in them so there's one thing people are going to miss out on.

If the Biscuit Brew sounds exactly like your thing, though, they're available to buy now at Morrisons, costing £2.29 a box.

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