You Can Watch the First Two Episodes of Stargate: Origins in VR, Completely Free

By Tom Pritchard on at

MGM really wants people to sign up for Stargate Command the streaming service that solely dedicated to the Stargate franchise. It has all 364 episodes of the franchise that are available, plus the original film and the two SG-1 TV movies, all which costs a flat fee of $20 (around £15). Those episodes also include the new streaming-only Stargate: Origins, which is the focus of the latest sign-up stunt.

MGM has teamed up with Bigscreen to air the first two episodes of Origins in virtual reality, with the best part being that it's totally free. Just like how CBS aired the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery on TV, it seems the idea is that people will cough up the $20 to watch the remaining eight episodes of Origins.

Both episodes will be streamed on a loop from tonight at 11pm GMT, until 8am on 12th March. The 'showtimes' start every half an hour, and will be available to anyone in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand lucky enough to own a headset compatible with Steam VR. So if you have an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality headset, you can go ahead and tune in.

Just head to the Oculus, Steam, or Windows stores to download the Bigscreen app. You can even use the app to coordinate with your friends and watch the episodes together, with all of the legwork done by the app itself.

If you miss the many, many screenings that are set to take place between now and Monday morning, you will still be able to watch the two episodes of Origins - though you will need to sign up for Stargate Command first and it won't be in VR. £15 isn't a lot, though, and it's probably worth it for SG-1 alone. Bigscreen has also confirmed it will be working on other VR screenings throughout the year, including both free and paid-for events. No details have been shared yet, though it promises it will bring its services to mobile VR (Gear VR, Daydream, and Oculus Go) by Q2 this year. [Bigscreen via Engadget]

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