'50 Shades...' is the Book Most Readers Abandon

By Gary Cutlack on at

EL James's Kindle sex book is apparently the most given-up-on book among UK readers, with 50 Shades narrowly beating first Lord of The Rings for the title of thing we all most commonly abandon halfway, or lessway, through.

This is but one interesting reading stat released by The Reading Agency, which is suggesting people give up on a book when the going gets tough, perhaps dropping the Dostoyevsky and downgrading to a supermarket bonkbuster with wine glasses and flowers on its cover.

The RA says this we should call this "book-block" and it's stopping us from reading more, as once you've spent more than three months struggling through a bleak classic with no chapter cliffhangers or mysterious foreshadowing all you've done is made yourself bored, and now there's a three-month hole in your reading history where you could've smashed through some enjoyable titles instead of falling asleep two pages into Bleak House every night.

54 per cent of us have spent more than three months reading the same book, because we think once we've started it's a low-level crime against our forefathers to give up. TRA's Sue Wilkinson said it's fine though and no one will judge you if you quietly stop reading the book you've been grandly telling everyone you're reading, explaining: "...reading can have a hugely positive impact on our health and wellbeing; it can build empathy and help us understand the world and the people around us. At a time when so many brilliant books are being written and published, you should never force yourself to read something you're not enjoying." [The Reading Agency]