A World Tour of Lego Landmarks Will Kick Off in Scotland in June

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone loves Lego, except maybe a certain member of the Giz UK staff who shall remain nameless. We like building it, looking at it, gazing over how some of those amazing models at Legoland are made. Well now there's another chance to look at some incredible creations, with the Bricktropolis exhibition. It's set to tour the world, but it'll officially kick off at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock (Scotland) on 7th June.

The exhibition is an interactive event, featuring 20 Lego-made versions of famous architectural landmarks across the world. From the pre-release imagery I can see the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building, the Shard in London, and even Kilmarnock’s Dean Castle. They've been built at a 1:125 scale by Bright Bricks, the only accredited Lego builder in the UK, with some models reaching upwards of four metres high. The interactive element comes from lighting, moving parts, and sound effects that have been built into many of the models.

There will also be a 'brick pit' where staff will help attendees build their own towers - with the best ones winning prizes. It doesn't say it's specifically for kids, but those kind of things do tend to be more child-oriented. So bear that in mind.

The exhibition itself opens on 7th June and will stay at the Dick Institute until 22nd of July, but you won't be able to go and see it on Mondays because that's when the place is closed. Tickets are £5 for adults, and £2 for under-16s, Entrance to the other galleries in the Dick Institute is free, including the Dean Castle collection exhibition that features a scale model of the historic building made out of Lego.

The exhibition is scheduled to go on a global tour once the Kilmarnock exhibition is over, but so far there are no details on how that's going to go down. Presumably it'll hit other spots across the UK, so don't feel the need to book a trip up to Ayshire just yet. Unless you want to, that is. Tickets can be booked in advance online, which might be a good idea seeing how everyone loves Lego so much. [Scottish Field]

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