Amazon Confirms Existence of 'Fire TV Cube', Won't Say What it Actually Is

By Tom Pritchard on at

Amazon never really seems to stop when the job of upgrading its existing gadgets is on the table. Despite the fact it already has a pretty hefty streaming portfolio with the Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV dongle, it looks like something new is on the horizon. Something called the Fire TV Cube, which already has a teaser page on Amazon's American website.

The teaser was discovered by AFTVNews, and it lets users sign up to get more information about the Fire TV Cube as and when Amazon is ready to release it. The amount of information actually available from Amazon is basically non-existent, but seeing as how AFTVNews also published pictures of a cube-shaped device last year it gives us an idea of what Amazon is probably looking to release. As you can see from the image up top, that device has more than a few things in common with an Echo which suggests Amazon might be working on better integrating Alexa into the Fire TV ecosystem.

While we can't be totally sure that's what Amazon is teasing, it seems pretty likely. More so after Engadget published a scan of instructions that came bundled with Amazon's Fire TV ethernet adaptor, showcasing how the dongle plugs into the back of a Fire TV Cube. Those images also show that the device has a power port, micro-USB, infra-red, and HDMI.

For now that's all we have about this long-fabled device, but seeing as how Amazon has started officially teasing it there shouldn't be too long to wait before it shows the world what it's been working on. Then we can start getting excited about rumours for whatever Fire TV device is due to come after that. [AFTVNews via Engadget]

Image: AFTVNews