Amazon Sponsors 2018's Bake Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon is going to be the sponsor of The Great British Bake Off this year, with viewers of Channel 4's high-profile cookery/cockery programme set to be battered with adverts for talking speakers throughout the broadcasts.

Amazon's Echo speakers and the vague benefits of having an Alexa device that you can talk to are to be the main beneficiaries of the internet shop's investment in terrestrial television, and although there's no official word as to how much was paid for the privilege, the Guardian suggests it may have been as much as £5m.

The reason for doing so is the young people, who flocked to Channel 4 in unusually high numbers to watch Bake Off after its defection from the BBC last year, with Channel 4 saying it was watched by around 54.5 per cent of all young (16-34) TV viewers when the mainline episodes were on. That's who Amazon wants to indoctrinate into the idea that having a speaker order you a wrong size tub of washing powder is a useful thing. [Channel 4]