Apparently There's a Third Johnny English Film Coming, and the Trailer's Already Here

By Tom Pritchard on at

I'll be honest, I had no idea that there was going to be a third Johnny English film until yesterday, when I got sent one of those annoying trailer-for-the-trailer things that are popular for some stupid reason. It's an announcement that completely flew by me unnoticed, probably because I was too busy thinking about Star Wars or the next several dozen Marvel films that are in the works.

But there is, and Johnny English Strikes Again will be coming out on 12th October this year. Here's the full trailer, not one of those crappy teasers filled with clips from the past two.

There's also a poster:

As you can see, Agent English seems to have left his work at MI7 (again) though this time he's teaching schoolchildren the art of seduction instead of pulling large rocks around a Buddhist monastery with his genitals. Cue the usual mishaps, including some issues with virtual reality, and part of the reason why you inflate things outside of enclosed spaces.

Ben Miller is back as English's trusty sidekick Boff, presumably because Daniel Kaluuya is too busy being nominated for Oscars and trying to overthrow Wakanda's rightful king to reprise his role from number two. We've also got Emma Thompson as the Prime Minister and Olga Kurylenko who's either going to turn out to be the villain or the token clichéd female love interest.

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