Aquaman is Going to Open Up a Week Earlier in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days its not uncommon for big budget films, especially superhero films, to be released early in the UK and Europe - compared to the US at least. Which makes a change from the olden days when it would sometimes be easier to import a US DVD than go to the cinema. Marvel has been doing that for a while, and now it seems DC is following suit by releasing Aquaman a week earlier in the UK.

The films is set to open in US cinemas on December 21st, but Warner Bros has confirmed (via Digital Spy) that it will be coming to the UK on 13th December instead. The site speculates that this means the US release will be moved forward as well, seeing as how DC films have a history of coming out simultaneously in the UK and US, but nothing has been confirmed. Until we hear otherwise assume that we're special and are getting a special treat.

Early test screenings have reportedly been positive about Aquaman, but then again that's been the case for every recent DCEU film -including the much-maligned Suicide Squad. Still after the disappointing turn in Justice League (which honestly wasn't that bad) DC fans are hoping Aquaman can recreate some of the things that made Wonder Woman such a good film. Imagine going back 10 years and telling people that the Justice League movie was controversially unpopular, and that people were actually hoping Aquaman could turn things around. Given the character's long-running (and unfairly attributed) status as a joke character I doubt anyone would believe you.

We're still waiting on a trailer for the final film, with plenty of rumoured release dates that eventually didn't pan out. According to director James Wan the reason is because the film is full of complex visual effects which takes time to get right, and it's all down to him being fussy rather than nefarious studio politics. It's not common for studios to wait such a long time before they release trailers for big films like this, since more trailers means more hype, but as we've seen with Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War there are often good reasons to hold back - and people will still be excited regardless. [Digital Spy vs CBR]

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