ASA Bans HTC's Advert Featuring Tom Daley Snap Picture in a Swimming Pool

By Tom Pritchard on at

Another day, another advert gets banned by the Advertising Standards Authority - with good reason too. The regulator has declared an advert featuring Olympic diver Tom Daley using an HTC U11 to snap pictures is to be banned, because the phone isn't supposed to go anywhere near swimming pools.

The ad itself features Daley diving into a pool and using the phone to snap pictures using the U11's squeezable sides features, despite the fact HTC's own instructions warn users not to let the phone come into contact with pool water. HTC has defended the advert pointing out the phones IP67 water resistance, which means it can survive being submerged in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes. The advert also has a visual disclaimer warning users not to try the featured stunts.

The ASA isn't having any of that, though, claiming a member of the general public wouldn't necessarily be able to prevent their phone from sinking below the 1 metre depth, also noting HTC had admitted that variations in temperature and chemical composition meant the company couldn't guarantee the U11 would survive in most pools. The instructions also warn against intentionally submerging the device in any water.

So the ASA has ruled that HTC has exaggerated the phone's capabilities "in a misleading manner", and the ban applies across all media platforms - even though the original complaint came from a Facebook user. HTC told the BBC that it intends to have removed the advert from all channels by the end of the day. [BBC News]

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