Avengers: Infinity War's First Weekend Made Nearly as Much Money as Justice League's Whole Run

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to Marvel vs DC comparisons, the online communities tend to be full of heated arguments about which publisher is better. Even where the films are concerned there are die-hard fans who insist that the DC films are actually great and don't deserve the hate they get. Next time that happens you may want to point out that Avengers: Infinity War has been out less than a week, and its global takings are just shy of overtaking what Justice League made during its entire run.

According to Box Office Mojo Justice League's global run managed to bring in $657,924,295, with $229,024,295 from the US box office. That may seem like a respectable number, but when you consider the film's estimated $300 million budget and the fact that it's the lowest grossing DCEU film things don't look quite as good. Meanwhile the first numbers for Infinity War have been coming in, and paints DC's flagship in an even poorer light.

Current estimates are that Infinity War managed to bring in $250 million in the US alone, more than Justice League managed to generate during its entire run, with an estimated $380 million from the international market - for a total of $630 million. That's a little under $28 million less than Justice League's overall total. In fact, those figures mean Infinity War narrowly beats Star Wars: The Force Awakens record breaking $248 million opening weekend at the US box office. Assuming, of course, that you ignore inflation, which bumps up The Force Awaken's initial takings up to $261.12 million

The $630 million global figure also makes it the biggest global opening ever, beating The Fate of the Furious's $541.9 million. Unfortunately for Marvel fanboys Infinity War's international takings only made a small dent in the $442 million The Fate of the Furious generated outside the US in its opening weekend.

I am of the opinion that Justice League got a bad rap, and that given what came before we probably ended up with the best possible version of the film. But after some poor performance, particularly with Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman mainstream audiences seem to be losing interest in the films. Marvel Studios has made some less than stellar films in the past (Iron Man 2 comes to mind), but for the most part their level of quality has been quite high. Given the box office response, it's obvious that they know how to make their films appeal to audiences of comic fans and non-comic fans alike.

The Infinity War figures are only estimates for the time being, so we don't have the exact figures that show how much money was brought in down to the last dollar. Regardless it shows that Avengers: Infinity War is doing exceptionally well, and the film hasn't even had chance to play in China yet.