BBC Nature Doc Mixed up Italy and the Himalayas

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's been caught fake-newsing the population again, although this one at least appears to have been an honest accident. One of its nature docs looking at the lives of people living in the Himalayas accidentally spliced in footage of the Dolomites mountain range, as found quite far away in Italy, leading to confusion among viewers who really know their mountain ranges.

The gargantuation production copy and paste error was spotted after initial terrestrial broadcast, so was edited out of the relevant episode of Earth’s Natural Wonders that now shows on iPlayer.

It took a viewer telling the BBC for anyone to notice, though, with hiking enthusiast John Driskell pointing out the error. By way of explanation, the BBC said it was down to a mislabelling of tapes of scenes of mountains it keeps to hand, explaining: "When pointed out by a viewer, the error was immediately rectified, and the correct version replaced on iPlayer. This was a genuine mistake which we corrected at the earliest opportunity." [The Times]