Burger Bar Will Serve You a Cooked Tarantula if You Really Must

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is about a burger bar in Durham, which is selling cooked tarantulas as burger toppings for the insane, or for people who really, really need something interesting to put on their social media accounts today. As you might be able to guess, it's a Durham in America, not our lovely historic Durham.

This besmirching of the Durham brand is being carried out by Bull City Burger and Brewery in the wrong Durham in North Carolina, which as part of its Exotic Meat Month is offering to serve up cooked massive spiders atop its various menu items. And yes, there are indeed photos of such a thing on social media to prove it happens, even if only once:

Presumably the people who order it scrape it off and leave it on the place for the baffled chef to put in the bin once they've got their shareable photograph though, as when faced with it it's suddenly not particularly funny any more. [Twitter via Mirror]

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