Council Leaves Bell End Alone

By Gary Cutlack on at

It looks like the people who live on Bell End will have to put up with passers-by taking gurning photos beside the road sign for the foreseeable future, as the council has confirmed there's been a definite win in the public battle to change the road name -- and Bell End has won out.

The problems kicked off when one resident, fed up of the sniggering of call centre workers when giving the first line of their address, launched a petition to have the name of Bell End changed to something more mundane. However, a rival group of petitioners got together to campaign for the historic, probably-about-a-real-bell name to stay, and appear to have shamed the name-change team into silence, with just under 100 people signing the name-change petition and 4,800 asking for it to stay the same.

Hence a Sandwell Council spokesman confirming that it has not received any petitions for or against the changing of Bell End to something less potentially offensive, so nothing's likely to change. If you need something to tweet about and can get to Rowley Regis in the West Midlands, the comedy road sign remains. [Birmingham Live]

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