Croydon Isn't Bleak Enough for Black Mirror

By Gary Cutlack on at

The desolate, brutalist, and occasionally space-age buildings of Croydon aren't old and battered enough for popular thinkpiece sci-fi show Black Mirror, as the Netflix programme is bringing back some 1980s shop fronts to the town to make it look more rundown and unloved than usual.

A man on Twitter has the photos and the extra photos of the work, illustrating that the classic 1980s signs and frontages of WH Smith, Wimpy, Pizza Hut and more have been recreated for some flashback action, in a rare episode of the next series that won't all be about transferring thoughts to TV screens.

Obviously all people can talk about is what hasn't been recreated though, like where on earth is the Rumbelows and the Our Price and the Comet? This is not the provincial town we once knew. [Twitter]