Deliveroo Still Pays Rubbish Wages, But its OK Because They Saved Nearly 1,400 Tonnes of CO2 Last Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of reasons to dislike the way Deliveroo does things, particularly since it relies on zero-hour contracts and legal loopholes to avoid offering statutory benefits and guaranteeing its couriers minimum wage. But it's all ok, because the company has announced its way of doing things saved 1,384 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

How? Because Deliveroo employs a bunch of cyclists, rather than just relying on scooters or cars, so the emissions that would have resulted from having your Burger King delivered never happened. Of course you could make the argument that some of those deliveries would never have taken place if Deliveroo didn't exist, seeing as how it offers home delivery for services that didn't offer it already, but that does seem like nitpicking.

According to Deliveroo that's the equivalent of planting 63,590 trees, which would be enough to cover an area 350 times larger than Wembley Stadium. That's compared to scooter deliveries anyway, with the company claiming 4,234 tonnes would be saved each year compared to having those deliveries done by car - the equivalent of planting new 194,509 trees.

Of course the company didn't actually plant any trees (that we know of anyway), instead it's using this opportunity to praise its own technology and the use of people on bikes with big square backpacks. The tech supposedly finds the optimal routes for couriers to pick up and deliver food, cutting down the delivery time and ensuring the food is still hot and fresh when it arrives.

Which is great. Fewer emissions is a good thing, even if you're one of those people who don't believe in climate change for some stupid reason. Fewer engine emissions means cleaner air, and cleaner air is better for everyone. Consumer choice is also good, even if it poses a challenge for your local takeaways, Now if Deliveroo would just do something about how it employs people, that would make this announcement less bittersweet.

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