Doctors Demand Kebab Exclusion Zones Around Schools

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal College of Paediatrics has gone a bit Jamie Oliver, and is demanding that MPs consider launching a ban on junk food shops opening within 400 metres of schools so the kids don't end up fat, greasy, and living in fear of limp salad and lurking infestations out back.

College president professor Russell Viner says that umming and ahhing about such restrictions should stop and a plan formulated ASAP to introduce limits nationwide for the benefit of future generations. He said: "Kids are coming out of school hungry and finding themselves surrounded by cheap chicken shops, chip shops and other types of junk food. This just wasn’t the case 20 or 30 years ago. People tend to eat what’s in front of them and we need to make it easier for children to make the right choices."

As well as this severe martial law approach, a gentler form of persuasion should be introduced too. Viner thinks a world where GPs and schools measure and weigh children throughout their school years and offer advice to parents of those deemed a bit, er, hefty, could also help, as long as GPs are better taught to address the issue. [Guardian]