Electric Cars Rocket to Slightly Larger Tiny Fraction of UK Vehicle Total

By Gary Cutlack on at

People with electric cars don't have to worry about fighting other drivers for the charging cables and EV-only parking spaces just yet, as although sales are on the up the proportion of pure EVs on the roads in the UK remains rather infinitesimal.

The newest on-road stats from Cap HPI say there are 37,483 EVs on the roads here, a number that statistics and electric car fans can make sound impressive by pointing out that this is 44 per cent more than were on the road in 2015. Hooray etc. However, there are in the region of 26 million normal-petrol-car-cars registered in the country, making that 37k EV number seem pretty inconsequential.

Cap HPI says more model options, increased battery ranges and urban emission control zones should further drive up adoption of electric cars in the near future, but something's going to have to trigger exponential growth in the EV sector to do anything about the chasm that exists between the hype and the real-world sales numbers. [Yahoo]